Premium Hard Builder hybrid base Gel for Nail Technicians - supplies online by Miss CuticleHybrid Base Gel is a colorless base-coat for hybrid nail polishes, which due to its innovative formula can be also used to extend or reconstruct nails.

Using long hydrocarbon chain components and short hydrocarbon chain components developed a balance between product’s hardness and flexibility. Appropriate viscosity and density enable comfortable work during nail plate extension. Selected monomers contained in Color it! Premium Hard Builder provide perfect adhesion of product to the natural nail plate, thus the product can be used as a base-coat for hybrid nail polishes.

Color it! Premium Hard Builder is intended for every type of nails, even those very weakened ones. It’ll extend the nail plate and make it harder, while every hybrid stylization will last for a really long time.

In addition, this base-coat is helpful in fighting onychophagy (nail biting) and it physically strengthens the nail by creating a hard coating, which allows natural growth of nail.

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