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The Garden of Colour Flower Power Nail & Cuticle Oil with a scent resembling a bunch of spring flowers combined with a subtle note of sweet fruits. It’s an ideal solution for those who dream of healthy, strong and shiny nails. It helps to provide optimum hand care by regenerating damaged nail plates. It’s rich in almond and peach kernel oil.

The power of natural ingredients contained in almond oil is mainly a range of nourishing substances: proteins, mineral salts, vitamins A, E and D, B vitamins, which contribute to moisturizing properties of oil and its good absorption. Peach kernel oil strengthens and hardens preventing nail splitting and breaking.

The Garden of Colour Flower Power Oil apart from nail nourishing and regenerating properties provides unusual olfactory sensations. Just a tiny amount will reward senses with a delicate aroma.

WAY OF USE: apply oil on each nail and massage it into a nail plate and cuticles. Use every day in the morning and evening as well as after manicure or pedicure.

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