Glitter Shimmer Nymph Graphite


Shimmer Gltter Nymph Graphite – a la mermaid effect!



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Shimmer Nymph Glitter Effect Powder by Silcare by Miss Cuticle

Shimmer Nymph Graphite is a new dimension of multi colour glow on your nails. It is a gentle and fine powder, sparkling with thousands of colours, which depending on the base colour has different iridescent glow. With Shimmer Nymph Graphite, every manicure will obtain multi-dimensional, individual effect of ideal, shining water surface.

Quick application of Shimmer Nymph powder enables transforming a manicure into unique work of art, consisting of a million of glowing particles. Check how it changes depending on light angle. Discover its beautiful glow in the Sunlight and eye-catching effect.

Graphite looks good with almost every colour, while its beautiful crystals comes from Sterling Hill in New Jesrsey. Now, due to Shimmer Nymph it will take you only a moment to pass its beautiful glow on your nails, providing fairytale effect.

How to use:  gently rub the powder into the dispersion layer – of hybrid or gel. Remove excess of the product with a brush, cover with shine adding product.

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