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An acid free primer with added vitamins



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The only vitamin primer on the market!

Base One Primer + vitamins – an acid-free preparation intended for a natural nail plate used during gel, hybrid and acrylic styling. The innovative formula allowed the introduction of vitamin A and vitamin E in oil carriers, B vitamins (B7, B8) and calcium pantothenate without impairing the adhesive properties of the product.

Thanks to the vitamins contained in the composition, it allows you to work even on a badly damaged plate. Specially selected ingredients provide excellent adhesion without causing irritation and unpleasant burning sensation. Its properties prevent it from aerating and lifting the applied product. The preparation is non-invasive.

Primer is applied directly to the natural plate, so the vitamins it contains do not go to an additional barrier, and the black-dyed packaging protects the Pro Vita complex contained in it from the sun’s rays.


  • acid-free product
  • contains vitamins A, E, B7, B8 and calcium pantothenate
  • it is used without curing in the lamp
  • indispensable in the gel, hybrid and acrylic method
  • non-invasive for the nail plate


Directions for use: after cleansing with a cleaner, apply a small amount of the preparation to the plate – directly before applying the product of your choice.

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